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Iris chinensis

Iris chinensis

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The Blackberry Lily is actually a relative of the familiar Bearded Iris, which is apparent from the long, sword-shaped green leaves. Plants form a large clump in time, bearing clusters of bright orange flowers, the petals spotted with bright red. Flowers last only a short time but are followed by pods of showy black seeds, which look a bit like kernels of corn. These are excellent for cutting, and may also be dried for winter arrangements.

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Potted (nursery pickup only): This item is available at our nursery for customer pickup. It is grown and sold in a pot, and ready to be planted at any time during the growing season.

Customers wishing to have this item shipped will receive a healthy blooming size division (double fan or more), which has been washed to remove all soil. This is important to limit transmission of many weeds, weed seeds, and pests. Your plants will have trimmed foliage to prevent moisture loss during transit and some roots may have been trimmed.

Please visit our Ordering and Shipping page for more information about in-person pickup and shipping.
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